Hidden Assets & Marital Fraud

Get Your Fair Share of Hidden Assets During a Texas Divorce

When you know you do not have full understanding of your spouse's assets — or assets owned jointly — you need to take extra care during your divorce to protect your claim to a fair share of community property during property division negotiations.

"A math whiz, [Dallas divorce attorney] Diana Friedman excels at complicated property issues that can intimidate many people, including family partnerships, trusts, estates, subchapter S corporations, and family limited partnerships." — Texas Monthly Magazine, in an article about her inclusion in the Super Lawyer list and her designation as one of the Top 50 Women Lawyers in Texas.

Diana has more than 15 years' experience handling complex property division cases in high net worth divorce cases for clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact us to schedule an attorney consultation.

Questions to Ask to Uncover the Possible Existence of Hidden Assets

To trace hidden assets, we work with investigators and forensic accountants. Once we locate hidden assets or evidence of marital financial fraud, we then trace ownership of those hidden assets and undertake the valuation process to ensure they are included in the marital estate.

First, however, we talk extensively with our client about the financial history of the marriage:

  • Do you have records of your spouse's retirement accounts? Do you know whether your spouse has more than one retirement plan?
  • Do you have access to all joint bank accounts? Can you get copies of recent statements? Does your spouse have separate bank accounts? Do you?
  • Is it possible that your spouse owns property in another state or country?
  • Could your spouse have offshore bank accounts?
  • Has your spouse ever denied you access to joint financial accounts or refused to answer questions regarding financial affairs?
  • Do you have an investment portfolio? Do you keep separate portfolios? Who is your investment advisor? Do you know who your spouse's investment advisor is?

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