High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce in Texas Involving High Net Worth Individuals

Divorce is never easy — for any family. When the divorce involves individuals with high net worth, the issues become even more complex. Your attorney should address intricate financial questions as directly and thoroughly as possible, to ensure your divorce decree results in a fair marital property settlement agreement. At the same time as you need a thorough divorce lawyer, a high net worth divorce also requires efficiency — so your assets survive the divorce process.

Experience creates efficiency. Dallas family law attorney Diana S. Friedman is a Family Law Specialist certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. A frequent lecturer to other divorce lawyers on topics especially relevant in high net worth divorces, Diana has served the family law needs of clients throughout Dallas-Fort Worth for more than 15 years.

Complex Property Issues in Divorce Proceedings

Texas is community property state, which creates unique problems for high net worth individuals in the process of negotiating a fair marital property settlement. Your attorney must consider, among other issues:

  • Business valuations in marriages where a family business is at stake
  • How to value and divide other complex assets like retirement plans, stock options, investment portfolios and trust interests
  • The effect of any >prenuptial or post-marital agreements on alimony or property division agreements
  • Whether each asset is community (joint) property or is individually owned
  • The likelihood that hidden assets exist and the timing and resources required to trace such assets and uncover any marital fraud

Early Legal and Financial Advice Is Critically Important

If you believe divorce is in your future — and if you or your spouse has high levels of assets — it is paramount to seek and obtain legal counsel as early as possible. Even before the divorce proceedings begin, your lawyer can advise you of early-stage protection strategies to help you maintain control of as high a percentage of the marital assets as possible.

Preserving Your Privacy During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce decrees and associated orders are public records and little can be done to prevent that. However, there are dispute resolution strategies, including divorce mediation, which may help keep the details of your negotiations with your spouse out of the public spotlight. Especially in high net worth divorces, important goals include maintaining a client's privacy and avoiding the necessity of revealing financial or personal details to the public. Divorce mediation may also be less costly than a fully fought divorce trial, thus preserving a higher percentage of the marital estate for the divorcing spouses and their children.

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